Help build a Sustainable Vegetable Farm

Help save a farm and Start growing more food in America

Hi, My name is Robert Becker, and I am fundraising to purchase a run-down cow farm that needs a lot of work and will most likely be sold, torn down, and multi houses built in its place.

We are losing farmland at an alarming rate in America. Almost all of our foods are imported over long distances from other countries. Food prices increase daily in the grocery stores due to higher fuel prices and higher transport costs.

My vision begins by removing all the harmful barbwire that injures and restricts wildlife movements in their natural habitats. Utilizing a small part of the land to grow food while restoring the rest to nature.

I plan to build a sustainable vegetable and fruit farm on a few acres. That will provide locally grown, fresh, healthy vegetables from the farm to the plate, reducing the need to import food long distances with high fees. This will also provide the need for jobs in the local economy.

What are sustainable farming examples?

Sustainable agriculture practices

  • Rotating crops and embracing diversity
  • Planting cover crops and perennials
  • Grow more vegetables using less space
  • Reducing or eliminating tillage (loss of topsoil)
  • Use compost instead of artificial fertilizers
  • Applying integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Adopting agroforestry practices
  • Managing whole systems and landscapes
  • Crops will also be donated to food shelters

Growing vegetables intensively in a smaller area can provide higher yields using less land.

Please share and Thank you for your time.

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