Edible fresh flowers from your garden

Best edible flowers Adding edible flowers to your garden can enhance the beauty of your garden and add a pop of color to your meals. Edible flowers are not only beautiful, but they can also add flavor and nutrition to your dishes. Some popular edible flowers include nasturtium, calendula, pansies, roses, and violets. Before consuming…

Intercropping examples

Intercropping combinations Intercropping is the practice of growing two or more crops together in the same space to increase yields and improve soil health. Here are some intercropping combinations to consider for your vegetable garden: These are just a few examples of intercropping combinations that can benefit your vegetable garden. Experiment with different combinations to…

How to store vegetables long-term without refrigeration

The Basics of Storing Vegetables without Refrigeration Storing vegetables long term without refrigeration can be a challenge, but it is possible with some careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips: Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is one of the best way to free up space in your refrigerator and provide long term storage for you…


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