How to store eggs long term without refrigeration

Egg preservation methods Having your own chickens on your homestead or hobby farm you may find yourself with more eggs than you can eat each week. Learn how to store eggs for the winter months with no refrigeration with tried and proven methods. Eggs have been stored without refrigeration for hundreds of years. Learn these... Continue Reading →

There’s a Different Way to Farm using Sustainable Agriculture

Joel Salatin show farmer how to farm in a more sustainable agriculture techniques. Can these practices make your small or large farm more profitable, sustainable and healthier. Sustainable Agriculture vs. Industrial Agriculture Using sustainable agriculture provides a hobby farmer with a better way to farm that improves the soil and ecosystem at the same time.... Continue Reading →

Raising Chickens on a Budget

Raising chickens on a budget is a good thing. There is no reason to buy all of the best chicken gadgets on the market. I bought some of my items setting up the chicken coop at the dollar store. Think out of the box and save money setting up your chickens. How to Save Money... Continue Reading →

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