14 Best Chickens for Eggs on your Hobby Farm

Reay to add chickens to your hobby farm? Hear is a list of the best chickens for eggs. The chart below will help you with egg size, number of eggs each hen will lay in a given year along with cold tolerant hens if you live in colder regions. Having fresh eggs on your farm is a great thing and the hens will keep you smiling.

Best egg laying chickens

If you are looking for the Best egg laying chickens here is a list of the top hens on the list. The cart below of the Best Egg Laying Chickens will provide some frequently ask questions about each hen. I think you can find what ever type of hen in this list to meet your egg producing needs.

15 Chicken breeds for eggs

  1. Hybrid – Most common know is the Golden Comet
  2. Plymouth Rocks
  3. Rhode Island Reds
  4. Leghorns
  5. Australorps
  6. Barnevelders
  7. Hybrids
  8. Delawares
  9. Faverolles
  10. Hamburgs
  11. Jaerhons
  12. New Hampshires
  13. Sussexs
  14. Euskal Oiloas
  15. Anconas

Best laying hens

Best Egg Laying Chickens (Chart)

BreedEggs/YearEgg SizeEgg ColorCold Hardy
Golden Comet250-300Large to Extra LargeUsually a dark red-brown colorYes
Rhode Island red250Large to Extra LargeBrownYes
Isa Brown300LargeBrownYes
Lohmann Brown320LargeBrownYes
Sussex250LargeVary from brown to creamy whiteYes
Plymouth Rock200LargeBrownYes
Ancona200LargeWhiteExtremely winter hardy
Buff Orpington180-280LargeExtremely winter hardyYes
Barnevelder200LargeLight speckled brown to dark chocolate-brownYes
Marans180-220LargeRich dark brownYes
Leghorn250-280Medium to LargeWhiteNo
Ameraucana250MediumShades of blueYes
Hamburg150-200Small to MediumWhiteYes

What chicken lays the most eggs per year?

  • Lohmann Brown 320 eggs per year
  • Isa Brown 300 eggs per year
  • Golden Comet 250-300 eggs per year

What are the best chickens for beginners?

The following list of chickens are great beginner chickens. Take into consideration what your are looking for in the type of chickens and the type of climate you live in. extreme weather conditions in cold and heat can play a big roll in the health of your chickens. Learn what you need to provide the chickens in their diet, housing and watering to provide them a health low stress living conditions.

10 Best chickens for beginners

  1. Rhode Island Reds
  2. Australorp
  3. Cochin
  4. Leghorns
  5. Barred Plymouth Rock
  6. Jersey Giant
  7. Easter Egger
  8. Silkie
  9. Sussex
  10. Buff Orpingtons

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