Grow these 3 Vegetables to Eat Sooner Rather than Later in Spring

In this episode, you will learn about 3 super-fast growing Asian leafy green vegetables that will provide you with an abundant amount of food to eat. You will discover why John enjoys growing these 3 vegetables in his fall/winter garden into spring that can handle freezing temperatures. You will learn why John chooses these specific vegetables to grow so that he can eat sooner rather than later from his fall/winter/spring vegetable garden. You will discover why he likes to grow Arugula, Mizuna, and Mustard Spinach aka Komatsuna in his cool-season garden for abundant harvests that he can eat really soon after transplanting. After watching this episode, you will learn about the best 3 fastest growing vegetables you can grow in the spring so you can eat out of your garden before your neighbors.

Made by Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

7 Most Productive Edible Crops to Sow in February

Huw Richards

In this video, I share a list I made myself for the 7 most important edible crops to sow in February when it comes to productivity and getting those early harvests before summer. If you’re wondering what to sow in February then I really hope this gives you some solid ideas, and even though there isn’t that much that can be sown, the crops that are suitable for this time of year offer much excitement at the start of the new growing season in our vegetable gardens.

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