How to store eggs long term without refrigeration

Egg preservation methods

Having your own chickens on your homestead or hobby farm you may find yourself with more eggs than you can eat each week. Learn how to store eggs for the winter months with no refrigeration with tried and proven methods. Eggs have been stored without refrigeration for hundreds of years.

Learn these easy egg preservation methods and have eggs through the winter months when your hens are taking a break from laying eggs. Check out these videos and learn these easy steps.

The Top 6 Historical Egg Preservation Techniques!

How to keep eggs fresh for months

  • Coat eggs in mineral oil
  • Pickeling
  • Water glassing method

how to store eggs without refrigeration

Here are the top 6 historical egg preservation techniques used in the past. Maybe one of these methods will suit your needs on your farm to store your eggs longer during the winter months.

How long can eggs be stored without refrigeration

Unrefrigerated eggs are good for only about 21 days.


Here is one method of storing eggs using the water glassing method. This is a great way to store all the eggs you cant eat for the winter months.


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