No-dig gardening method: Never till your garden again

What is the No-dig garden method

Using the No-dig garden method at your hobby farm weeds are removed by shallow hoeing small starting weed seeds before they get started along with additional mulching. Larger weeds missed can be removed by hand weeding.
Small debris can be left as mulch or gathered up. Mulches provides nutrients that are taken into the soil by soil organisms and worms.

Conventional tilling of the ground brings dormant old weed and grass seeds to the surface waiting for the perfect germination conditions. by adding mulch every year and not disturbing the soil dormant seeds are never allowed to start. Adding mulch every year feeds the soil for a more health garden.

How to start a No Dig bed

Start Out No Dig, one method with cardboard and compost

How to make a no dig vegetable garden

No-till garden with cardboard

  1. Select a sunny location
  2. Collect all the Materials you will need to build the garden
  3. Prep the ground
  4. Place Cardboard or thick amounts of Newspaper
  5. Add Manure & Compost
  6. Add Straw
  7. Use large wood chips in the walkways

How to do no dig gardening

Building a no dig garden at you hobby farm can be a fun and learning experience. Covering the ground with cardboard then adding a thick layer of tops soil and a thin layer of compost on top, water deeply and plant your vegetable and your done.

Stay on top of small weeds in the beginning and reduce your hassle through out the year.

How I Really Feel About No-Till

No Dig Market Gardening: Seeding, Harvesting, Planting

No dig gardening for beginners

Starting a no dig garden is an easy way to start a vegetable garden fast. This method provides better soil health for better growing plants and vegetables. Controlling small weeds with light hoeing and adding mulch to produce healthy foods.

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