How to grow microgreens indoors

How do I grow microgreens in my house?

Learn how to grow delicious and highly notorious microgreens in you own home. Growing microgreens in your own home will allow you to grow healthy greens for salads, soup or sandwich toppings and more. These following videos show you how to grow microgreens indoors from start to finishing. Providing a health greens for your family.

How To Grow Microgreens Indoors (SEED to HARVEST)

Indoor microgreens setup

These following videos will provide a step by step growing method for microgreens with all the setup required for great growth and production.

Is it better to grow microgreens in soil or water?

Growing microgreens in soil will provide higher growing yields. Sprouts are grown by using water.

What is needed to grow microgreens?

  • Planting tray
  • soil
  • water
  • Grow lamp
  • sharp knife to harvest

How to Grow Microgreens from Start to Finish (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Best Microgreens To Grow FIRST (EASY & HEALTHY)

Types of microgreens

4 types of microgreens you can start growing

  1. broccoli
  2. radish
  3. pea
  4. sunflower black seed

Growing Microgreens with SPROUTING TRAYS!?

Top 10 Mistakes When Growing Microgreens & How to Avoid them

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