Raising Chickens on a Budget

Raising chickens on a budget is a good thing. There is no reason to buy all of the best chicken gadgets on the market. I bought some of my items setting up the chicken coop at the dollar store. Think out of the box and save money setting up your chickens.

How to Save Money on chicken setup

Here are some ideas to save money setting up your chicken coop. I hope these ideas will help you on your way to having chickens on your hobby farm or backyard.

Raising chickens can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be expensive. Here are some tips for raising chickens on a budget:

  1. Build your own coop: Instead of buying an expensive pre-made coop, consider building your own using recycled materials. You can find free plans online or in books on DIY chicken coops.
  2. Use natural feed sources: Chickens need a balanced diet to stay healthy, but you don’t have to rely on expensive commercial feed. Consider supplementing their diet with natural feed sources like grass, weeds, and kitchen scraps. You can also grow your own fodder, such as wheatgrass or barley, to provide fresh greens for your chickens year-round.
  3. Buy in bulk: If you do buy commercial feed, consider buying in bulk to save money. Many feed stores offer discounts for large orders. You can also purchase grains, like corn and wheat, in bulk and mix your own feed.
  4. Use deep litter method: Instead of cleaning out the coop every week, consider using the deep litter method. This involves adding layers of straw or other bedding material to the floor of the coop and letting it compost over time. This creates a warm, dry environment for your chickens and provides them with a source of natural food.
  5. Make your own treats: Chickens love treats, but store-bought treats can be expensive. Consider making your own treats using ingredients like oats, cornmeal, and molasses.
  6. Buy older chickens: Buying older chickens can be cheaper than buying chicks, and they are often already laying eggs. You can find older chickens for sale through local classified ads or at chicken swaps.
  7. Do regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of your coop and equipment can help prevent costly repairs and replacements. Check for any signs of wear and tear and fix them as soon as possible.

By using these tips, you can raise chickens on a budget while still providing them with a healthy and comfortable environment.

Chicken Roosting Bars

How high should chicken roosting bars be?

Build roosting bars 15 to 18 inches off the ground and 15 to 18 inches off set higher and higher. Chickens have a hierarchy and will roost lower and higher depending on that system, so give them space.

Do chickens prefer round or square roosts?

Hens are relatively flat footed, they are able to curl their toes around the edge to perch at the front and back but not strong like most birds. Keep this in mind if using tree limbs. Hens can not grip smaller limbs. You do not want to use big flat boards. I find a 2×2 with rounded edges work best.

What is the best size for a chicken roost?

Best size roost for chickens 2×2 or 2×4 with rounded edges. Chickens don’t wrap their feet around a perch like wild birds do. They actually prefer to sleep flat-footed for more stability.

Toys and treats for your Hens

I add in a big squash for something different for the hens to eat and I had an lol mirror laying around so, I put it in the coop. That was funny!

What is the best feeder for chickens?

It is easy to build your own DIY chicken feeder and there are many ideas on how to build them, but I find the one in the photo above for $14 dollars was worth not having to spend the time making one. If you do use a feeder like this you will see where I had to tie the top hanging hook with rope. They hens would peck at the shine hook that is on the top bolt screwed on and I would find the hook and spring on the floor. Hens are busy bodies.

DIY Chicken Nesting Box

As you can see from the photos above I made my own DIY Chicken Nesting Box from plastic storage bins I bought for another use and now were sitting around collecting dust. Now they are collecting eggs! I place hay in my nesting boxes. You can also add herbs like mint and sage to the nesting boxes to help prevent bird mites. Adding a Chicken Bust Bath will help prevent mites as well.

How high should Chicken laying boxes be?

Place your Chicken laying boxes in an area of the coop that is fairly dark and not too busy. Chickens don’t like to be bothered when laying. The height of the nest box should be no less than 18 inches from the floor and can be as high as a few feet off the ground depending on your chickens. I find my chickens change over time. My Chicken laying boxes are on the floor shown hear where they laid for months. Now they found a horse feeding box more to their liking.

Chicken Nesting Boxes size

Chicken Nesting Box Size varies depending on the size of your hens, make sure your nesting boxes are 12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches.

DIY Chicken setup

I reuse plastic container that food came in for the chicken grit and calcium supplements. I just cut a hole in the top for the hens to access from the top.

How do I keep my chickens water warm in the winter?

How do I keep my chickens water warm? I live in a very cold climate so, I could not skimp on the chicken waterer. I had to buy a chicken waterer with a heater in the bottom. Ended up not having to use it because our horses keep the stable were they live warm enough all winter even 20 below outside.

How to Save Money Raising Chickens

I bought cat food feeders at the dollar store to feed the hens their favorite Fermenting chicken feed for easy cleanup.

Chicken Bust Bath Container

DIY chicken dust bath container I turned a unused cat litter box into my chicken dust bath container. It helps keep down the dust a little. Hens are messy bath takers.

What is the best way to store chicken feed?

For my Chicken food container I use plastic storage containers that food or other products came in. Make sure you clean them out well and they have tops that will stay on tight.

Hens learn fast

Hens learn fast where you store the goods! This is Blondie, she thinks this is the self service food line. I am feeding the hens in the coop and she is helping her self.

Fermenting chicken feed scooper

I picked up a Fermenting chicken feed scooper at the dollar store. Stainless steel!

Chicken coop cleaning kit

I use a plastic pail, high end stick and a cat litter scooper from the dollar store.

What can I clean my chicken coop with?

How do you clean a chicken coop everyday? I clean my chicken coop with a pale, wooden stick and a a cat litter scooper form the dollar store. When I clean out all of the wood shaving every 6 months I use a shovel and wheel barrel.

How often do chicken coops need to be cleaned?

Once a week would be best to keep on top of things. This will depend on how many hens you have and the size of the chicken coop. A smaller chicken coop may need to be cleaned more often. I make a pass once a day for any large deposits the reason being, I make my own compost for my gardens and I also want a clean place for my hens to live.

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