What do I need to raise chickens in my backyard

Raising chickens for beginners

I will say one thing, My chickens make me laugh everyday! Talking my wife into getting chickens was the best thing I have done in years on our hobby farm. I enjoy spending time outside in my garden with my girls tagging along with me. Running over every time I move something to see if there is a treat for them.

This blog covers some of the things I found out the past year when we decided to add a few more members to our family. If you decide to bring home chickens they will brighten your day.

How much space do you need for 2 chickens?

The rule of thumb is at least 2 to 3 square feet per chicken inside the chicken coop, that will give each chicken 8 to 10 square feet outside per chicken to move around freely. The more space you can provide each Chechen is best for their health and well being. Not providing enough free space for the chickens to move around can cause undue stress that can lead to cannibalism, picking on on another and fighting over food that can lead to lose of some of your flock.

Water ideas for chickens

Water is extremely important to your chickens. Chickens can become overheated on hot days. The need plenty of water (clean water) at all times. Chicken feed is dried pellets or scratch. When chickens consume dry feed they will need a lot of water to hydrate that feed they have eaten. Providing Fermenting Chicken Feed is a great options to help them stay hydrated and Fermenting Chicken Feed provides many health benefits to your flock

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What is Fermenting Chicken Feed

Fermented chicken feed is the process of soaking chicken scratch feed that has corn, oat and other grains in water. The oats soak up the water then create a sweet smelling liquid that is full of good gut health for your chickens. It can improve the overall health of your flock and adding probiotics to their diet, improve their digestion along with the absorption of nutrients into their systems better. Best of all the feed swells after being soaked for a few days in turn will stretch our you feed and the chickens will eat less. Unless you get chickens like I got! I think they are in he piglet family.

How do you start raising backyard chickens?

  • Frist thing Check the laws and ordinances in your area
  • Pick your breed of chickens you like
  • Don’t start off with baby chicks until you can take care of Pullets
  • Start with grown chickens called Pullets, Pullets are immature chicks that have already been sexed
  • Set up your coop or area they will be living in
  • Get the food, water in system, calcium, grit and bedding
  • Set up a feeding and ranging system

Your own Chicken eggs!

How many chickens do I need for a dozen eggs a week?

Three chickens would be enough to start with. In the summer you can expect a dozen eggs each week for every three chickens you have. If you need two dozen eggs each week then six hens will be more the amount of chickens you will need. Chickens are social animals so less that three would not be recommended.

How do you take care of a chicken for beginners?

5 Tips when raising chickens

  1. Check the water often or add additional watering systems. Clean and refill water feeders as needed. Your hens will always need a clean source of water at all times.
  2. Feed chickens at will. Large chicken hanging feeder are great, saving time feeding them everyday
  3. Collect eggs each day. Leaving eggs to long they could get broke or eaten. Some people feed eggs to chickens. I would not recommend this so they never get the idea that is there food.
  4. Observe the chickens often and check for their wellness, missing feathers, anything odd. If one chicken is being peeked on and shows signs of bleeding, serrate from others until it is healed, they will keep peeking at it.
  5. interact with them so they get to know you and your voice. Mine girls come running when say “ladies” I love it!

Hey dude! Did you check the water? I’m parched!

Can chickens stay in the coop all day?

If the coop is a large in size with plenty of roaming room they can. I would not recommend it for days on end. They have and love the job they do. Roaming and finding all of the insects you don’t like. I let mine out when I am working in the yard or garden. They follow me like two legged dogs.

How much space do chickens really need?

If possible at least 10 square feet outdoors per chicken will keep them happy in their own area to pick in. They will usual stay out unless bad weather comes then they will need a small shelter from bad weather. If you have a cage run or caged tractor provide shade by placing a tarp over the screen above them. Chickens do not like to be in direct sun or really hot days. I know I don’t!

Raising chickens 101, getting started & what they don’t tell you

How many years do chickens live?

5 – 10 years, The first 1-5 years a hen will lay one egg a day. After 5 years they hens may lay less than an egg each day.

how to pick up a chicken

When picking up a chicken use both hands, I bend over quickly and most of the time the chickens will do a little chicken dance. They squat down and rock back and forth. In one sweeping motion I pin the wings to her side. This will keep her from flapping. Then I lift her up her up. The chicken can be cradled under one are if needed by holding the out side of the chicken with one hand and pressing the other side against your chest. Be careful not to let the wings flap. They don’t feel good slapping against your face

Placing the chicken back on the ground make the motions smooth and fast. If you take to long the chicken will get nervous and reach for the ground with there feet and try to flap to get away. I bend over quickly and place their feet on the ground and release.

Is it illegal to have chickens in your backyard

In most cases no, But it depends on your local municipality laws. Check with the local government, ask how many birds your are allowed, are both hens and roosters acceptable?, rules on where the coop? They should be able to give you all the information you need before bring your hens home.

What is the best ground cover for a chicken run?

5 ground covers for chicken runs

  1. Natural grass and wild vegetation would be best. Using a movable Chechen coop or chicken tractor some call them are ideal for changing the area they are in on a regular basis.
  2. Deep litter, saw dust or wood shaving I prefer then I use them on my flower beds
  3. Sand is an easy to sift medium
  4. Concrete is an easy to clean surface that could be used

7 Essential Items You Need For Raising Chickens

What supplies do you need to raise chickens?

9 Essential Items You Need For Raising Chickens

  1. Chicken food, scratch or pellets
  2. Water founts and feeders. If possible hang or raise chicken feeders and water feeders. chickens love to scratch at everything all the time and the water and food bowls will end up filthy.
  3. Build or buy a Chicken Coop
  4. Bedding for Chechen coop
  5. Chicken Grit to help grind up their food
  6. Calcium supplement for strong egg shells
  7. Diatomaceous Earth this helps keep the chickens free of mites or other skin issues
  8. Nesting Boxes the ladies need a dark quite place to make you breakfast!
  9. Mill worms for a protein snack

Now what?

Get ready to laugh! My ladies make me laugh every time they run to me or wooing me!

Can you sell chicken eggs for money?

Please have a look at my blog here on How to Make $1,000 a month from 12 chickens

Chicken keeping supplies

Here are a few items on Amazon you might consider to help start you off raising chickens.

Galvanized Chicken Feeder – Rat Proof Poultry

Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin’ Good Grit Supplement for Chickens

Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell | Egg-Laying Chickens | 5 LB

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