How to raise chickens in winter: Protect your hens from the cold

Chickens are more tolerant to cold weather than you might think. I live where the snow can be two or more feet deep. Chickens do not like deep snow. I will shovel the snow an area on a sunny day for my girls to come out in the middle of the winter. But they usually don’t stay long at -15C. They look at me as if I am crazy.

What do you do with chickens in the winter?

How to take care of chickens during winter

  1. Eliminate drafts. Wind chill can increase the rate of heat loss from the coop
  2. Keep your coop well ventilated to remove excess moister
  3. Use the Deep Litter Method for bedding in the chicken run
  4. Use sunlight from the day and trap the heat
  5. Providing roost allows chickens to be above the cold ground at night
  6. Create a sunroom
  7. Protect against frostbite


What to feed chickens in winter

  1. Scratch, a blended mix of cracked corn and nutritious blend of Corn, Wheat, Milo, Barley, Oats, Sunflower Seeds and Millet
  2. Greens fresh greens and fresh vegetables from kitchen scrapes during the winter months when outside greens are in short supply during the winter months
  3. Start a Mealworms farm to provide life worms for protein.
  4. Old bread can be given and even toasted
  5. Cultured Yogurt are good for the guts.

Can chickens stay outside in the winter?

12 WAYS to Keep Your Chickens Warm in WINTER -20F

How to keep chickens warm in winter without electricity


Do chickens need to be inside in the winter?

Chickens will need some form of protection against the snow, icy rain and freezing winds that come with harsh winter conditions. Depending on what area of the country you live in and winter conditions are prone to each zone will have to be taken into consideration on how best to protect your hens during the winter months.

High protein grains for chickens

Providing whole wheat, barley and oats are in quality scratch blends used for chickens. Providing dried or live mill worms ate a great source of proteins.

What to feed your chickens so they survive winter

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