How to Make $1,800 a Year from 12 chickens

How can I make $1800 a Year from 12 chickens?

The math never lies. The amount each hobby farmer can make will depend on the area. In the grocery store eggs will sell an where from $2.75 – $6.00 for free range hens. The better quality of eggs and how the farmer allows their hens to live can play a big part. I raise my hens as free ranging chickens bringing them back in at night.

How can I make $1200 a month from 12 chickens?

This chart gives a break down on how many chickens it will take to make set dollar amount.

No. Chickens Eggs Per DayEggs Per MoEggs Per Yr $3.50 doz YR$5.00 doz YR
6 Chickens6 eggs1802,160$630.00 $900.00
12 Chickens 12 eggs 3604,320$1260$1800
24 Chickens 24 eggs 7208,640$2520$3600
48 Chickens 48 eggs 144017,280$5040$7200

Keep in mind any and all additional expenses for chicken feed, supplements and egg cartons that will effect your in pocket total after sells. If you are thinking about selling eggs for profit bug all of your friends to save their egg cartons for you.

Can you make a living selling eggs?

Yes, it is possible to make a living from selling your eggs. If you have a small farm I would lean more to looking at it as a supplemental income. Check to see what the local competition is. Start off small see where it takes you. Starting out it will help you off set all of the cost of feeding and care of your hens then it is a win win for you.

Can you sell chicken eggs for money?

I most definitely do! When I started out with my hens, I wanted my own fresh eggs. So, I talked my wife into it and we decided on five hens to start out with. We soon found out, we had one to two dozen each week more than we needed. I started talking to my newborns. Soon we either sold the extra eggs or traded them for something else. I prefer the trading part the most.

How To Make Money Raising Egg Laying Chickens

Selling chicken eggs for profit

It depends on what you call a profit. If you own a small farm with a few hens, it would yield more to paying for the up keep of the hens and start up cost more than a profit. If you have the room for 12 hens or more, you will have a small saving at the end of the year. I look at those small amounts as “It can pay the taxes on the farm or new tools”

Can I sell chicken eggs from home?

Check with your laws and regulation first. You are required to place a label with your name and address on the each carton “ungraded eggs.” The eggs should be cleaned and refrigerated immediately after.

How much can you sell your chicken eggs for?

This would depending on where you live, a dozen free range brown eggs can sell for as little as $2.50 all the way up to $6.50. occasionally more in fancy health food stores.

Do you need a license to sell chicken eggs

You may need to get a business license or egg retailer’s license. In some states, your henhouse and egg washing facility may need to be inspected. Many states have more lenient laws for small-scale egg producers. Depending on your state, you may need to candle and grade eggs

How much can I make selling my Chicken eggs

How much do you feed chickens

on my hobby farm I estimate around 1/4 pound of feed per chicken each day, or, 1 and a half pounds of feed per chicken each week. I purchase a 50-pound bag of organic chicken feed at $30. My flock of five chickens will gobble down the bag in about a month. This can be reduce with free ranging and fermenting the chicken freed, this adds water and bulk in turn fills them up faster and healthier for the hens.

How do chickens lay eggs without a rooster?

The hens don’t need a rooster in order to produce eggs. The eggs are infertile if there is no rooster in the hen house. The eggs will not develop in to young chicks. If you decide to have a rooster on your farm the eggs will need to be pickup and kept in a cool place.

Backyard chickens coop

For the safety of your hens it is best to have a backyard chicken coop or a safe place the chickens can return to out of the heat of the day, to rest, lay eggs or roost for the night.

How much space do chickens need

  • Minimum 2-3 feet per Chechen inside a chicken coop
  • Minimum 8-10 square feed inside an outside pin
  • Free range is best

Lack of adequate space can lead to a stressful living condition for your hens ending with pecking, fighting or even death.

I hope you found this information helpful.

What do chickens need

Please have a look at my blog here on What do I need to raise chickens in my backyard

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